viet nam phu quoc islands 600
The islands off Phu Quoc, our swim venue on our oceanswimsafari to Viet Nam – The South

Viet Nam – The South

Island swimming and rich in history

Saturday, Nov 18-Wednesday, Nov 29

12 days/11 nights (including i/n transfers)

Tour combines swimming with Vietnamese history, war sites, food, and culture

For the first time, we’re combining an ocean swimming tour in one of the world’s most enigmatic locations with another special interest tour. We’re working with JCP Tours to bring you this unique oceanswimsafari that will also take you around one of the world’s richest cultures and evocative war sites. Our colleague at JCP Tours, Walter Pearson, is a fluent Vietnamese speaker who served two terms with the Australian military in Viet Nam (and wounded twice), and knows Viet Nam like few other Australians. Walter has been taking guests to Viet Nam for over 20 years. His language skills open up insights into this mysterious country that few others can offer.

viet nam cashews 600

Where cashews come from... trees in Viet Nam.

We’ll spend time getting to know Sai Gon (now a vibrant community known formally as Ho Chi Minh City) and the countryside around the south-east of Viet Nam surrounding the Australian areas of operation during the Viet Nam war. And we’ll visit the island of Phu Quoc, off Viet Nam’s south-western coast, where we’ll swim in some of the clearest tropical water in Viet Nam. (Viet Nam sometimes cops a bad rap when it comes to its ocean waters. But it's question of where you go, where you swim. There are some lovely, tropical waters off coral reefs... if you take the time to look. And we have. That's why our swimming is focussed on the south and its offshore islands.)

It’s not all swimming and memories of war, though: Viet Nam is made up of 54 different ethnic groups – very different from the perception held overseas. And all those groups have their own history and their own culture, mixing peacefully as something of a model for other multicultural states. A wander around Sai Gon at night, particularly, is a fascinating and exciting experience. The nightlife is rich, varied and vibrant. Whether it’s impromptu Latin dancing, street artists, hawkers, a tour of the monuments, or just a cooling drink atop our hotel, The Continental, there is something to fascinate everyone.

viet nam sai gon workers pool 600
The pool at the Sai Gon Workers Club. And (below), a worker.

viet nam sai gon pool worker 600

Viet Nam

A diverse country of plains, deltas, wetlands, beaches, hills and mountains, with a population of 108 million and a coastline of 3,500 kms. It’s 1,650 kms long, but only 50kms wide at its narrowest point. Weather conditions vary dramatically between regions and according to seasons. Our timing for this unique oceanswimsafari takes advantage of optimal weather conditions in our areas of interest.

At oceanwimsafaris, we like to take you to places that you’d never otherwise visit, or maybe even hear about. We seek out the world’s best water, with reef and sea life to match. Unlike others, we won’t put you into murky, inshore waters. We want you to be uplifted by experiences that few others get. Our swimming is not competitive; it’s not an opportunity for PBs over distance or time. We want everyone to enjoy the moment and the place. We leave no-one behind. We want all our guests to enjoy our destination country in all its facets. It’s not just about swimming.

We’ll stay in very high quality accommodation, some of it luxurious, some of it historically fascinating (the Hotel Continental in Sai Gon was the haunt of reporters, diplomats, soldiers and spooks in the war years; the Minera Resort is surrounded by an extraordinary hot springs experience offering all kinds of pampering). It’s an experience all ‘round. 

Nightlife in the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam

Our program

Day 1 – Daytime flight (Sydney-Ho Chi Minh City), check in to Hotel Continental
Day 2 – Get to know Sai Gon (o/night Hotel Continental – start off with a drink in the rooftop bar!)
Day 3 – Fly to Phu Qhoc island, Check in to M Resort Hotel, visit old PoW camp
Day 4 – Morning swim around offshore islands, cable car (8km) from hòn Thom back to Phu Quoc, sightseeing (o/n M Resort)
Day 5 – Morning and afternoon swims, offshore islands (o/n M Resort)
Day 6 – Morning swim, Rainforest walk (o/n M Resort)
Day 7 – Fly to Ho Chi Minh City, transfer to Minera Resort (hot springs), Binh Chau (o/n Minera Resort)
Day 8 – Hot springs indulgence (o/n Minera Resort)
Day 9 – Binh Chau-Long Hai Hills, Cao Dai Sanctuary, Vung Tau, Long Tan, Nui Dat (o/n Sai Gon, Hotel Continental
Day 10 – Day trip to Ben Tre Island province (myriad cultural and historical experiences) (o/n Sai Gon)
Day 11 – At leisure in Sai Gon, evening flight return to Australia
Day 12 – Arrive Sydney

Our package 

Over 11 nights and 12 days, our package includes –

  • Local airfares
  • Programmed transfers
  • Some meals (8)
  • Three days of swims
  • Programmed admissions
  • Quality accommodation

Package cost: Double/Twin pp $A5,765, Single $A6,470. 

NB: Package prices are under continuing review in view of exchange rate movements and variations by suppliers.

Please note: Group leaders on this oceanswimsafari are Paul and Walter Pearson (JCP Tours). In foreign cultures, food can be confusing. Walter will be there to assist with translations, understanding, and ordering.

viet nam seafood 600
Seafood restaurant, Phu Quoc.

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viet nam binh chau spa 600
Hot springs spa, Binh Chau. We'll have a couple of nights here.

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