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Our sales policies

Our shipping policy

We aim to have your order on the way to you within one business day of finalising the order, unless otherwise stated (for example, if goods are ordered prior to availability). Sometimes, actual shipping times are quicker, and sometimes slower if the merchandise you order is not in stock and we must source it from a warehouse supply.

We ship through Australia Post. This usually takes one or two days to reach your address if it's within Australia.

Shipping costs are influenced by Australia Post charges, by weight and number of items in your order, and by distance. For example delivery to addresses outside Australia will take longer.


Our prices are set and processed in Australian dollars. We process merchandise orders through Square.

Refunds and Returns

We are happy to accept returns of faulty goods and to refund accordingly. We will also accept goods ordered in error provided they remain unused and in their original packaging. We will also exchange for other goods of comparable value in both cases.

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