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Tuesday, 07 December 2021 03:39

December 7, 2021

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We don't take you just anywhere.

forster wave david 600 01
Photo essay: Bursting through: David Cowperthwaite emerges from the back of a wave, Forster, early morning swim.

forster wave david 600 02

forster wave david 600 03

Postcards from the Pool

oos logoIf ever there was a day…

goble sally 400It's into winter where Sally Goble is swimming at the moment; on the healing power of the pool…this piece from Sally's blog, Postcards from the Pool

I am exhausted, humiliated, full of rage and regret. I am full of self doubt and self loathing. I do not understand why things have come to be the way they are. Was it my fault? Did I do wrong? Was I not good enough? Not young enough? Not smart enough? Not cute enough? Not the right fit? Not what was wanted? I lie awake in the middle of the night staring into the darkness listing my failings. The anger I feel makes my jaw hurt.

If there was ever a day for the sky to be blue, it was today.

I have come here to be rescued, and the sun is shining.

I am not judged here.

I can float on my back in a star shape here, and I know what to do with my body in order to balance in a near-perfect effortless equilibrium, so that — even though I am in water — I may well be resting on the most comfortable of beds.

I have no doubts here.

I am not fast but I am fearless, and can withstand the cold that makes others falter. I watch others shake with cold and wonder if I have superpowers. I am not afraid of the pain. I do not need a shower to bring the pink back to my cheeks. I am strong, and I do not tire, and do not get bored. As I swim my lengths, I watch others sitting on the poolside chatting. The longer I swim, the happier I am. I press on, determined to exhaust myself so that I have no energy for anger.

I am not alone here.

The leaves, suspended in the pool, seem to wave at me as I swim over them. The dimpled stainless steel lining sparkles blue, and silver, and gold: trying its best to cheer me up. A plane drifts by above, watching over me. The wind has died down and I’m alone in my lane, so that when I turn my head to breathe, the ripple-free smooth silkiness of the surface makes me gasp. Nature is working as hard as it can to make me happy today.

I am swaddled by the water here.

Protected, embraced, enveloped, comforted. I swim and swim and swim until the whistle blows. A silent conversation between me and the water with no fear of judgement.

The sun shines on, my jaw is unclenched.

Sally Goble
Postcards from the Pool

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Punter power

bongin bins dhd 600 01
Finishing off the redevelopment of the curtilage of Mona Vale beach, Northern Beaches Council in Sydney thoughtfully installed a set of bins for use by beachgoers. Or perhaps less than thoughtfully… Pic above is the day after the bins were installed, and pic below is the next day — the next day! — following a publicity campaign shaming the council, led by our cobber, @glistenrr. No marks for brains, Northern Beaches Council, but full marks for response. It seems someone influential must have been offended as well as Dave and his Dawnbuster comrades.

bongin bins dhd 600 02

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Gog prices slashed, delivery fees waived!

Xmas sale! Get in now

We've been celebrating over November the new swimming season with a never-before sale of our fave View gogs. Now, leading into Xmas, we're making the sale even better: buy three or more items from our online shoppe, and we'll refund your delivery fee completely!


Here are some of our Xmas bargains…

  • View Selene Swipes – down from $40 to $35
  • View Wide-eyes Swipes – down from $40 to $32
  • View Wide-eyes Swipe Mirrored – down from $45 to $39
  • View Xtreme masks – down from $40 to 35.95
  • Prescription goggles – down from $65 to $54.50

If you buy three or more items, we will refund your delivery fee completely!*

Here's the link to order your new gogs. Click now and we'll get them away to your before the weekend… Click here 

* Delivery refunds apply to Australian orders only, we're sorry. Refunds will be made to your account after order is finalised.

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heron 1711 swimmer 600
Random swimmer, Heron Island.

2022 oceanswimsafaris

New dates open for bookings

At the time of writing, we still know very little about omicron other than that it has the authorities worried, albeit perhaps not quite as worried as they were a week or two ago. We're keeping an eye on it. 

Subject to covid-related travel restrictions, we are planning our two oceanswmsafaris to French Polynesia in May (both sold out, we're sorry), two oceanswimsafaris to Tonga to swim with humpback whales, in August (first oceanswimsafari August 2-10 open for bookings now). We're also waiting on details from Mana Island Resort for the Mana Fiji SwimFest in September.

In the meantime, We are taking bookings for our Heron Island oceanswimsafaris in 2022, thus March 14-19, April 24-May 2, June 12-17, October 19-24, and November 6-11. All but the October and November oceanswimsafaris have only a few spots left available, so if you're interested in March, April-May, or June, then best get in quick and smart.

Find out more and book… Click here

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New model Swipes

Prescription gogs now in Swipes

vc510 swipe lens 370Big news from View: our very popular prescription goggles now also come with high-anti-fog Swipe technology.

Our Swipes, so far in both Selene and Wide-Eyes versions, have been a big hit, offering what View (the makers) describe as 10 times the anti-fog capacity of other gogs. We've been using them for almost two years now, and we know that it works. We've sold over 1,000 pairs of Swipe gogs since their release just prior to Xmas 2019, so many of you must agree, too.

Now the Platina prescription goggles come in Swipe versions, too. Lenses come in strengths ranging from -1.0 to -10.0, and +1.5 to +6.0, and you can have different strengths in each eye. Just select the strengths you want when you order your gogs online.

View's new Swipe prescription gogs are available at $A63 a full pair, which is cheap compared with how you will pay at a spectacles shop.

Be aware: View is phasing out the old versions of prescription goggles, currently selling for $A54.50. Some lens strengths are no longer available, and strengths will not be replaced as they run out. Your alternative is to order the new Swipe prescription goggles, which offer 10 times the anti-fog capacity of the older versions.

You can order your new Swipe Platina optical (prescription) gogs online now… Click here


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forster wave dump 600
Finis, Forster


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