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Wednesday, 27 October 2021 11:53

October 28, 2021

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We don't take you just anywhere.

bongin dawn 211026 dhd 600
Early morning peloton shares the sea. (Image by David Helsham (@glistenrr)) 


oos logoNew season

(in progress)

Hark! Is that a sea salt gust I sense,
plum-rich heavy on curing weed?
Puffing breeze on a rising tide,
faltering while its stamina builds
for a bellicose season stretched ahead.

Perennial, sun-flecked seas’nal breeze
brings balmth to ailing winter’s chills.
Swells murmur onto unseen shores;
spilt milkshakes with their sickly scent
wake in last season’s grassy graves.

Bright-eyed punters, bushy-tailed in the early morn
shed layers, stumbling from their sleep,
drag funked-up budgies, gogs and caps
from bottom drawers and mouldy boots
of cars and bags, prime for summer’s rush.

And is that the sound of a starting gun?
Of beating feet and hollering lungs?
Of splashing mugs with flailing arms,
of waves of bodies hurled apace
to the sea, to the seas, the year’s first race?

I sit amongst remembered clouds
of sounds and smells and stings and cheer,
of hits and thumps and gasping breaths,
spuming foam and swirling rips,
Above the sea, back from the sea, just out of reach.

It’s not for us, no more the madding throng,
peloton pushing through the break.
Where once our time, it’s now passed on.
So what’s the point? What’s left for us?
What more is won from lingering long?

So here’s the word:
It’s not the race; it’s not the chase; the sea’s a simple catalyst.
The point, dear mugs, is just to be there,
The point is it’s a life we share.

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Gogs prices slashed!

New season sale!

We're celebrating the new swimming season with a never-before sale of our fave View gogs.


Judging by how many of you have been buying them, they're your faves, too.

Just for November (but on sale now) here are some of our bargains…

  • View Selene Swipes – down from $40 to $35
  • View Wide-eyes Swipes – down from $40 to $32
  • View Wide-eyes Swipe Mirrored – down from $45 to $39
  • View Xtreme masks – down from $40 to 35.95
  • Prescription goggles – down from $65 to $54.50

Here's the link to order your new gogs. Click now and we'll get them away to your before the weekend… Click here 

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heron 2106 manta henshaw 600
Swim buddy, Heron Island, June, 2021. (Image by Anne Henshaw @annehenshaw)

2022 oceanswimsafaris

Heron, Tonga in the new year

We had big plans for our oceanswimsafaris in 2021: despite the pandemic, we organised a series of new oceanswimsafaris to Heron Island on the Great Barrier Reef. Must have struck a chord with you, because we were inundated with bookings. So inundated, that we kept having to add new dates.

But the pandemic struck again: late year border closures into Queensland meant that our last three Heron Island oceanswimsafaris could not proceed. We should have been there now.

As a result, we have scheduled a series of new dates in 2022. We've transferred our 2021 bookings to those new dates, and we'll be ready very soon to open them up to new bookings for Heron Island in 2022.

We're also very optimistic about our Swim with Whales oceanswimsafaris to Tonga. We've scheduled two sets of dates for that one – August 2-10, and August 9-17.

We'll have packages ready for both very soon. When they're ready for bookings, we'll send out another newsletter to let you know.

Have a look at the pages for both oceanswimsafaris (links above) to get an idea of what they're like, but be aware that the key information – package prices, etc – has not yet been updated for 2022. We'll be doing that over the next week or so. 

We'd love to have you with us.

We don't take you just anywhere.

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We're looking forward to getting back to Forster next week. This is why…


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