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A manta ray ready for cleaning. (NB: This is pic is representational. It's not, as far as we know, taken in Fiji's Yasawas.)

Hunting for Manta rays in Fiji

9 days/8 nights, August 8-15, 2018

Second time for this new oceanswimsafari, treading some of our fave ground, combining some of our fave swims, and adding what is destined to become one of our fave oceanswimsafari activities -- swimming with Manta rays. We'll spend three nights at each of Blue Lagoon Resort on Tavewa (The Blue) Lagoon, and three nights at Paradise Cove, a short boat ride from the channels that the mantas favour when threading their way through Fiji's spectacular Yasawa islands. Note, this is the middle of the Manta season, but we cannot promise, with an iron clad guarantee, that the Mantas will be there to meet us. They're whimsical with these things, coming in on the high tide when they feel like it, to be cleaned of parasites by little fish. We can but try, and we will make a couple of trips to the Manta channel to maximise our opportunities.

This will be an August oceanswimsafari, spending six nights in the Yasawas with a night at each end of the tour in Nadi.

The Yasawa

The Yasawas are a long, skinny, mountainous island chain that runs along the outer reef to the nor'-west of Fiji's main island, Viti Levu. From Mana Island's North Beach, you can see, on the northern horizon, a shadowy mountain, like Michener's Bali Hai (which for Michener actually was off Santo in Vanuatu). That's the bottom of the Yasawas. The journey up there on the Yasawa Flyer, a daily, ocean-going catamaran ferry service, is worth it for the journey alone: the islands are stunning in their craggy, looming presence. The journey on the Flyer stops at tiny resorts all the way up, and all the way back. We go all the way, to the fabled "Blue Lagoon", Tavewa lagoon.

fiji yasawas paradise cove 01
Paradise Cove Resort is split across a channel between two islands.

Blue Lagoon

First stop is Tavewa Lagoon, often known as "The Blue Lagoon", where the movie of the same name was made. We'll base ourselves at a small, boutique resort, also named Blue Lagoon. From there, we'll do different swims each day and we'll visit "the heart of the Yasawa", in Sawa-i-lau caves. The locals reckon that, until you visit the inner cave at Sawa-i-lau, then you haven't really been to the Yasawas, for that's where "the spirit of the Yasawa" lies.

You can fish; you can dive; you can visit local schools and villages; you can attend local church services -- the singing is beautiful -- or you can just laze on the beach between swims, sipping cocktails, reading your favourite book of the moment, enjoying soothing massages under the palms, nodding off to the music of the wind in the palm fronds...

blue lagoon 1510 01

Paradise Cove

After three nights at Blue Lagoon, we re-board the Yasawa Flyer for the short journey south to Paradise Cove, a stunning resort split across a channel between two islands. From Paradise Cove, it's a short boat ride to Manta Ray Channel, where the mantas come to feed and be cleaned by symbiotic cleaner fish, which eat the dead skin, parasites and other coatings that build up on the mantas' skin, around their gills and inside their mouths. We're going in the middle of Manta season, which is April-October, so there should be plenty of Mantas around. This is a stunning experience: not just the individual mantas, but the group behaviour, such as the courting trails when the male mantas fall in line behind the females, hoping to be the lucky one selected...

Note that both resorts used for our oceanswimsafaris in the Yasawas offer well above average accommodation with above average food. That's why we select them. All meals are in the Yasawas are included in the package price.

This will be an exclusive oceanswimsafari limited to 6-10 people.

We've been involved in tours to the Yasawas since 2004. We've been running our own tours there since 2010.

Our Yasawas oceanswimsafari to swim with Mantas...

Dates are August 8-15, meeting in Nadi, then travelling to the Yasawas on August 9, by the Yasawa Flyer, returning to Nadi on August 14.

This oceanswimsafari includes -

  • 9 days/8 nights
  • 6 nights accommodation, 3 nights at each of Blue Lagoon Resort and Paradise Cove Resort
  • 2 nights Nadi (including breakfast), prior to and on return from the Yasawas
  • All meals in the Yasawas
  • Swim escorts and transfers, excursion to Sawa-i-Lau Caves, two excursions to swim with Manta rays
  • Return transfers between Port Denarau and the Yasawas (via Awesome Adventures hi-speed ocean-going ferry, the Yasawa Flyer, in the air-conditioned Captain's Lounge)

Package cost from $A3,895 per person twin/double share and $A5,560 single (land content only, as per above) (TBC)

We can also arrange other dates to suit your group, if you'd like to travel at a different time of the year.

NB: Package prices are under continuing review in view of exchange rate movements and variations by suppliers.

Note that are tour operators and we handle all your land arrangements. We do not book airfares for you. We are happy to advise on flights, however. See advice on airfares immediately below.

blue lagoon 1510 03
The beach at Blue Lagoon.

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