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Moorea, north shore.

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Thursday, April 4-Thursday, April 11, 2019

Most of us know it just as Tahiti. But Tahiti is just the main island of the greater group that is French Polynesia, an expansive territory sprawling across the central Pacific Ocean, including a number of archipelagoes. Just offshore Tahiti lies the island of Moorea, the main “holiday island” of the group. That’s where we’re going.

French Polynesia offers all the attractions of a tiny, tropical Pacific state: beautiful, clear, warm water, lots of sea life, gentle, lilting breezes sighing through the coconut palms, the world’s most stunning sunsets…

But there’s more. The blend of Polynesian heritage with French culture adds a dimension to French Polynesia that makes it unlike most other island states.

The French influence remains strong, so that an oceanswimsafari in French Polynesia combines the best of swimming in the Pacific, and dining in Paris.

There’s a perception that French Polynesia is expensive. But we’ve found it’s not much different in daily costs from island states much closer to home.

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Swimming out from digs.

Our oceanswimsafari

We will spend five nights on Moorea, at a beautiful, boutique resort. Over four full days, we will do swim excursions around the lagoon on three days, and on another day we will head off on an around-island tour showcasing the topography, the stunning views, the local produce, the seafood, and the tropical forests of Moorea. It’s a mountainous island. Development hugs the coastline, while the interior is wild and rugged. We’re staying right on the beach, so lagoon swims over and around coral whenever you like are at your doorstep.

moorea tahiti 1805 250 05In the evenings, we have a choice of nearby restaurants – within short walking distance -- offering cuisine that ranks with France itself, hence, ”Swim the Pacific, dine in Paris”.

On our last night on Moorea, we’ll dine in, with a private banquet at our resort provided especially for us by a French chef.

We will spend our first and last night in Papeete, the capital of Tahiti, at a hotel on the harbour front, with plenty of time to get to know French Polynesia’s capital. Do you fancy locally grown black pearls?

Dinner from the food trucks on the waterfront? Easy access to or from the Moorea ferry? Everything is just a short stroll from our hotel.

French Polynesia exists in yesterday: it’s the other side of the international date line, so you probably will arrive in Papeete before you left home in Australia or New Zealand.

Package from Thursday, April 4, through Thursday, April 11, 2019

  • 5 nights, Moorea boutique accommodation (choose from Garden or Beachfront bungalows)
  • 2 nights Papeete (if necessary - not charged if not required)
  • Breakfast daily (Moorea
  • Three half-day swim excursions (Moorea)
  • Around-island tour (Moorea)
  • Private, final night banquet at our resort, Moorea
  • Programmed transfers, Tahiti and Moorea

Packages from $A3,680 pp twin/double share, or $A5,095 single, depending on category of accommodation.

NB: Package prices are under continuing review in view of exchange rate movements and variations by suppliers.

Note that this a land package from your arrival at and departure from Papeete Airport.

Note also, the core of this oceanswimsafari is our five nights on Moorea. Depending on your flight arrivals and departures, it may be possible to transfer to and from Moorea directly from Papeete Airport, which means you may not require overnights in Papeee. If so, we will not charge you for the Papeete components, apart from transfers, and we will deduct them from your package cost. That said, Papeete and the island of Tahiti are well worth a bit of exploration themselves. It would be a shame to go all that way and miss them out.

Accommodation options

Room options on Moorea include Garden or Beachfront villas, each accommodating 1-2 people.

We can also arrange other dates to suit your group, if you'd like to travel at a different time of the year.

Note that are tour operators and we handle all your land arrangements. We do not book airfares for you. We are happy to advise on flights, however. The key is that you need to be at Papeete Airport to connect with the programmed transfer into Papeete itself. Alternatively, you could arrive earlier or leave later, and meet us at our hotel on the Papeete waterfront.

moorea tahiti 1805 600 03
Digs, on the beach.

Enquiries and bookings

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moorea tahiti 1805 600 04
On the reef.

moorea tahiti 1805 600 07

moorea tahiti 1805 600 10
Digs, evening.

moorea tahiti 1805 600 01
Heading back for pre-dinner festivities.

moorea tahiti 1805 600 06
Passing traffic.

moorea tahiti 1805 600 12
Ocean access.

moorea tahiti 1805 600 13

moorea tahiti 1805 600 11
Sunset, Papeete, from our hotel.

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