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Well-organised.. relaxed

Holiday was great, extremely well organised yet relaxed, fantastic food and accommodation. And we were so well looked after by staff at Lumba Lumba.

Swimming, snorkelling and diving are exceptional, every kind of coral, anemones, reef fish and turtles galore. I would go again and thoroughly recommend.

Thank you OSS.

Northern Beaches, Sydney

1st class

Great holiday destination. Swimming comfortable and a little challenging. Snorkeling the best.

Boat trip a little tiring but comfortable.

Accommodation amazing.

Food & hospitality 1st class.

Perth, WA

Exhilerating... thrill...

Another fantastic oceanswimsafari for us to a stunning location we wouldn’t have gone to ourselves.

The accommodation at Lumbalumba was perfect, set high on a hill amongst gorgeous gardens overlooking the sea below. The staff couldn’t have been more welcoming & helpful & the food was outstanding.

Swimming in the warmest of waters between the deep blue & amazing coral reefs with others who just love being in the sea was a thrill.

The non swimming days were great, particularly the exhilarating white water rafting. The cultural tour day was really interesting as it was so different to other places we have visited. We made the most of every day.

If you want to discover an exotic part of the world & love swimming this is for you!

Newcastle, NSW

Great safari!
It was very well organised and had a wonderful time. Kaz and Martine were lovely and managed the swimming so well that everyone felt comfortable in the water. Snorkeling was awesome. The resort was just beautiful and we were definitely well catered for. Food was lovely. 

Thanks for a great safari.

Perth, WA


Firstly the resort itself is lovely. The outlook is stunning, the grounds are a testament to the love and hard work the owners have put into the place over the 25 plus years. My room was perfect. All the staff were amazing. The Indonesian themed food was delicious, especially the 2 mornings we were given an Indo themed breakfast option. I would happily have that every morning. The dinners were fabulous as were the on board packed lunches.

The swim locations were next level - gorgeous corals, spectacular critterage and clear water. Very comfortable boats and the crew treated us so well!

I personally would have liked more opportunities to stop and smell the roses, sorry, observe and digitally capture the critterage (with my camera that is) but hey this is a swim trip and as always I was happy to comply.

Fortunately there were dive options and they more than made up for the opportunities missed while swimming. How lucky was I to watch a huge school of tropical fish literally thundering past and being chased by hungry Barracuda, mere metres from my face at 17 metres depth! The dive crew (guide, boat captain and crewperson for 2 divers only!) took such wonderful care of us that we felt safe at all times while blowing watery kisses at the turtles and the fishes and corals, sponges, nudibranchs and rays.

I very much enjoyed the market visit and all the activities that day.

As I opted to go diving instead of white water rafting I'm unable to comment on that activity.

Would I do this trip again? Absolutely.

Northern Beaches, Sydney

Great fun

French Polynesia, May 2024

Thank you for an amazing experience and fantastic adventure. Relaxing, well organised and great fun. Ninamu is what dreams are made of! I absolutely loved every moment of the holiday.

Hope to join you again one day.


Looking forward to the next one

Heron Island, November 2023

Heron Island is a spectacular destination for an ocean swimming oriented holiday with abundant marine wildlife in a barrier reef ecosystem.

Paul and Suanne are very knowledgeable and experienced with this destination and oversaw the daily activities in a relaxed and flexible way but with an appropriate safety perspective.

We look forward to our next ocean swimming holiday with them.

Julie and Tim, Sydney

Adventure from the start

Heron Island, November 2023

Wow, adventure from the start “trip out”

Every day was an adventure packed with swimming around the island then great breakfast. Then it was off to swimming on outer reef on the dive boat Heron Moray, than back for lunch; lazy afternoon... walk around island seeing the sea life up close — sharks stingrays and turtles —  and always great to walk out on the jetty for sea life viewing. Great time.

Thanks Paul and Suanne

Viv, Hervey Bay

Not as advertised!!!!!

Heron Island, November 2023

So much better than I could have imagined, a stunning part of the world, tropical, clear waters, sooooooooooo much amazing sea life. Turtles, both in the water and laying season, so on the beaches either heading up or down, multiple types of rays and reef sharks to swim with and too many species of fish to count. Coral reefs also spectacular.

Cannot rate this highly enough. Paul and Suanne amazing with their knowledge and time and our group so welcoming and inclusive. I’ll be booking another swim with them soon 😁

Bee, Sydney


Heron Island, November 2023

What a fabulous and well organised adventure. The location and venue were superb. Well done guys!

Scott, Kurnell

Memories to last a life time

Heron Island, November 2023

Thank you Suanne and Paul for a fabulous trip to Heron! We have memories that will last a lifetime. The whole experience was excellent, so well organised. You guys work so hard to make sure we all have a fantastic experience and we loved the way you brought the group together… it felt like we had known everyone a lifetime after just 5 days!

Patrick & Mel, Sydney

Amazing trip

Heron Island, November 2023

I had no expectations as I didn’t know anyone who had been previously but wanted to extend my swimming. I feel that this was such an amazing trip. You guys do a fantastic organisational job which frees us up to enjoy.

I loved the group (I think we were lucky). The resort works really well for all our needs and the staff are delightful.

But the natural beauty is what stands out. Heron is a treat for the senses. Paul and Suanne make it a very special experience with their experience and enthusiasm.

Tish, Sydney

Great way to travel

Heron Island, October 2023

I loved the combination of serious swimming in the morning and having the afternoon open to relax or enjoy other activities. Everything went smoothly and was well organised. Always felt perfectly safe. Was so much fun going with a group of people who love to swim.

Heron Island is a terrific location for people who love ocean swimming. Swimming from the boat was my favourite but we also enjoyed swimming and snorkelling from the island. Of course there are the turtles but we saw a lot of other incredible sea-life. Also enjoyed a bird tour, reef walking tour and a tour of the research station.

Thank you Paul, Suanne and Karen, such a great way to travel.

Melinda, Sydney


Heron Island, October 2023

It was a spectacular experience with Oceanswimsafaris at Heron Island. To Paul, Suanne & Kaz, I really appreciated the structured approach to the swims, and clarity of communication at all times. Your support during the swims made me incredibly comfortable and safe. I certainly had loads of fun :) ( the Ocean Salute with reverence certainly comes to mind :D )

Highly recommend Oceanswimsafaris for your next Ocean adventures 👍

Shilpa, Sydney

So much fun...

Heron Island, October 2023

What an amazing time we all had. All the swimming adventures throughout the week were so much fun!!! Had all types of conditions that just added to the fun. The whole week was relaxed but active and just so much fun - giggles and laughter, a bit of swimming and fun, fun, fun! Highly, highly recommended.

Helen, Perth

Full support...

Heron Island, October 2023

Fantastic trip!! Very unique experience!! I had no expectations at all and that’s the best way to travel I think! Swimming support was tremendous as I’m usually a fearful ocean swimmer. On this trip I felt no fear at all, only full support and encouragement!! Heron is incredible!! Our room was perfect and comfortable. The food was delicious. The fun was prevalent and so was the scenery! Loved this trip!! Thank you Paul, Suanne and Karen for an amazing experience!! I look forward to my next Ocean Safari adventure 🌞

Natalie, Sydney


Costa Brava, September 2023

Overall, this was a great trip.

We had been anticipating this trip for three years, having originally paid a deposit for the 2020 Costa Brava Safari (cancelled due to COVID).

Conduct of the trip was great. We were a little anxious that we would not be able to keep-up in the swims. These were well coordinated and several rests in each swim made them more enjoyable for everyone.
Logistics were without fault.

Communications were brief and to the point. The Whats App chat worked well for both instructions and banter among the group members (also learnt another life skill).

Activities were interesting and varied. Really enjoyed the cave swim and the 'Secret spot'. A good balance of swimming in the morning allowing the afternoons (and most afternoons to explore new locations/restaurants at our own pace). Inclusion, Paul and Suanne made us both feel welcome and fostered a collegiate culture among the group. Most activities even socially were done as a collective.

Highlights (apart from the swims) - we really enjoyed the welcome and final dinners, the side excursions to Cadaqués, Port Lligatt, Dali's House and the Dali Musem/Jewell collection and the lunch after the swim at Cerbères. Also appreciated the several tips on gear and favourite ocean swims etc.

Accommodation, both at Llafranc and Madremanya were first class. The only thing to improve would be a slightly better accommodation in Figueres (i.e. better breakfast and tea and coffee making facilities in the room). Well done.

PS: We now have 12 new Kiwi Friends – That's got to be a bonus!

Mary Louise, Gold Coast

Great trip...

Costa Brava, September 2023

Peter and I really enjoyed our Costs Brava trip. The hotel in LLafranc and Madremanya were excellent; the hotel in Figueres was well located however the breakfast offering should be improved.

Loved the swims - in my case I would have liked a bit more swimming, in particular the day in Cadaqués and Portlligat - I didn't think the tourist train added any value to the day, I would have preferred a swim.

The trip to France was unfortunately impacted by boat availability - the conditions didn't look inclement to me. Excellent lunch.

I thought the daily/morning detailed What's App from Paul was very useful, the WhatsApp group is an excellent resource for the whole group.

Costa Brava is a great location with impressive restaurants which we enjoyed ... meal at Madremanya was excellent.

So overall a great trip, loved Spain, loved the Costa Brava, loved the swimming, food and culture. Would I recommend - absolutely, however I would advise any intending participants that the trip may not have as much swimming as may be expected.

Sheila, Gold Coast

Thanks for the feedback, Sheila. We get plenty of ideas from comments from our guests and you've given us food for thought. We do stress on our event pages that we include other activities. We program our oceanswimsafaris to take in more than just the swimming, because these places have so much more to offer. We also stress that swims are dependent on conditions. In the case of our France-Spain swim, our boat escort, the dive operator at Cerbère, who knows the conditions better than most, made the call and we are subject to that. One person's 'didn't look inclement' is another person's 'play it safe'. We know the place well enough to know when venturing past the point is unwise and, in any case, we have to cater to the entire group of varying speeds and capacities. It wasn't a case of inclement weather; it was the wind, and beyond the point, the wind was blowing. If the boat won't go past the point, then that's it. Re the breakfast in Figueres, it was what it advertises, ie Continental, and generous for the price, but maybe we should stress that a little more, too. Thanks again for your thoughtful feedback.


Exceeded expectations...

Tonga, August 2023

Thanks for a fabulous trip!

The whales were amazing & exceeded my expectations! The swims were fun and I enjoyed meeting a new group of fun people! Hope to come on another trip!

Thanks Paul and Suanne for making everything easy…….loved it!

Suzanne, Brisbane


Tonga, August 2023

Incredible week swimming with the whales. It was such an awesome experience. Loved the small, close group environment but still plenty of free time to explore or just chill.

Colin, Green Point

Fortunate to share the week...

Tonga, August 2023

What a great week. I was a fairly last minute invitee with little experience of ocean swimming and was not sure what to expect. Out of my comfort zone but keen to give it a go. We were extremely well looked after and given guidance when needed. Made to feel welcome and fortunate to share the week with nine good souls.

Tonga was certainly an eye opener, wonderful people, wonderful ocean environment. 

Great memories 🐳🐳

Chris, Newcastle

Well planned...

French Polynesia, May-June 2023

The trip was wonderful. All the stages of the trip had been well planned by Paul & Suanne. There was a good contrast between the two islands in terms of the size of the islands and resorts so each island felt different to each other. The swimming experiences were varied and consistently excellent.

Swimming in French Polynesia is magical. Amazingly rich marine life, beautiful marine-blue water and temperature. Four boat trips, seeing turtles, reef sharks, myriads of tropical fish and reefs. Food and wine consistently good and welcoming and friendly locals. I recommend this trip very highly.

Jan, Sydney

Booked again already...

Philippines, May-June 2023

It's been a while since my last trip with Ocean Swim Safaris and this one has been a reminder of how well Paul and Suanne run the trips.

I absolutely recommend the Philippines oceanswimsafari. The Philippine hospitality was wonderful and I felt very spoilt. The resort is lovely and a perfect place for the ocean swimmer and diver and anyone who just wants to relax. 

Spoilt for choice as well. Dives, yoga classes (in a gorgeous tree house), spa treatments. Simply not enough hours in a day or days in a week.

The diving was wonderful and on a couple of occasions I had the company of a dive master to myself and he showed me all the cool stuff - garden eels, mantis shrimps, nudibranchs etc etc.

I booked my next safari whilst still there.

Anne, Northern Beaches, Sydney


Philippines, May-June 2023

What a fantastic experience all round. The accommodation at Atmosphere Resort was luxurious, meals with many courses, massage area flash, and yoga tree house very relaxing overlooking ocean. Great venue. The staff go out of their way to make your stay at the resort perfect.

The ocean, coral, sea life around Dumaguete was well chosen by Paul and Suanne. The warm ocean temperature makes you want to stay in all day.The opportunity to visit different islands was also well thought out. It's definitely not a race; you actually want to come last.

The soup kitchen visit brought you back to reality and to understand how lucky we are in Australia.

The size of the group was a good number. Enough people to get to know and interact with. 

Denise, Bunbury

Best holiday ever...

Philippines, May-June 2023

This was the best holiday I have ever had. The swimming was amazing, the accommodation at 'Atmosphere' was world class – food and staff were faultless. The organisation by Suanne and Paul was the best. And the highlight of swimming with the whale sharks was the best experience.

Well done OceanSwimSafaris. Looking forward to my next swimming holiday with you.

Monique, Gold Coast

What's not to love...

Philippines, May-June 2023

What's not to love about this trip…. each day's swimming in the the crystal clear warm waters presented new and mesmerising images… the kaleidoscope of colours of the corals and fish, turtles and shoals of barracuda and of course the awesome whale sharks. Atmosphere Resort and the extra curricula activities were a real bonus – friendly staff, delicious food, massages to die for and I looked forward to afternoon Yoga with Rae, the GM, in the tree house followed by a 5pm cocktail each night. There were lotsa opportunities to chinwag and swap stories with the all the other lovely fellow swimmers.

And finally... thank you Suanne and Paul, our hosts, for creating such a relaxing and stimulating swim trip.

Jane, Sydney

Bucket list...

Philippines, May-June 2023

This was a fabulous trip. Swimming with the whale sharks was a bucket list thing for me and this experience was great. The trip however was way more than this. The swimming in clear, warm water with such unspoilt coral gardens and abundance of fish life was terrific. The resort - gorgeous location, staff and food. And a really great group of people who came along on this ocean swim safari!!

Suzanne, Sydney

Good mix...

Philippines, May-June 2023

A fabulous trip. We couldn’t fault the resort which was beautiful, comfortable and had fantastic food and service. The swims were stunning, the dives magnificent, the trip to the whale sharks sensational and it was one of the best massage and yoga sessions I’ve done. Paul and Suanne have a good mix of organising but also leaving enough time for you to do your own things like a couple of local trips.

The only thing I would say is as a very new diver, I was a bit disconcerted by some of the safety standards I had learnt in Sydney not being adhered to. But all in all it was an absolutely fabulous trip. Thank you. 

Elana & Nir, Northern Beaches, Sydney

That's surprising, Elana. I know the resort prides itself on its professionalism, and we know from personal experience how fastidious they are. If you'd like to email separately, we're happy to pass on your concerns to the relevant people: oss.c

High bar...

Philippines, May-June 2023

We loved everything about this oceanswimsafari. Paul and Suanne are outstanding organisers with just the right amount of pre-planning and flexibility- and lots of fun to holiday with! Beautiful location and fantastic swimming - a high bar to meet for the next swim safari adventure but I’m confident expectations will be met again.

Christine, Sydney

First class...

Sulawesi, June 2023

Great Location and accommodation with excellent Indonesian cuisine. Swims were easy and full of variety (coral, fish, turtles) in a beautiful part of the world. The white water rafting was exhilarating, the day on the road gave a sample of local life to first timers to a remote area of Indonesia. Felt totally relaxed the whole week.The organisation of the trip was first class. Highly recommend this swim.

Tony, Burradoo

Super relaxing...

Heron Island, June 2023

Overall a lovely week. Heron island was a fantastic location and definitely delivered on every level. Good food, good accommodation, really helpful staff. Super relaxing week and the absence of TVs and phone coverage was a plus!

Catherine, Sydney

Getting to know you...

Heron Island, June 2023

Thanks for a great holiday.

With our group having such a large contingent who already knew each other, it would have been useful at the briefing session to have a short "I'm .........., this is my swimming experience......., this is what I want to enjoy on this holiday...... etc.

Would have helped break the ice for those who were not part of the main group.

Vicki, Northern NSW

Constructive feedback...

Sulawesi, June 2023

This was a wonderful trip the location (sea life and swims) were fantastic, as was the venue and food. We were lucky the size of the group and the people in the group were fantastic, everyone was considerate and the group was very harmonious and relaxed..

Constructive feedback for future would trips would be:

1. Helpful to bring local currency for tips, markets and the entry visa (which was a suprise).
2. The commute to and from Manado is long. I would suggest that you share timing and propose people buy a packed lunch or something to eat for the (airline) journey. Scoot is not special and it is 6-7 hours between breakfast in Singapore and the next meal.
3. the sight-seeing trip was long and a bit tedious - better as a half day. Alternate options for down time could be a cooking class or a trip to an island for snorkelling and a walk around on the beach. on the other hand the white water rafting is sensational!
4. the resort is great but I would not want to be there much longer, given the inability to go for a walk, swim at the beach etc is limiting.

Kim, Sydney

What the doctor ordered...

French Polynesia, May 2023

I loved every minute of this trip. My first ocean swim holiday and it was worth the three years pandemic enforced wait.

Thanks Suanne and Paul, and all the other swimmers for making me feel so welcome. Loved the two main locations we stayed at - just stunning. Loved the locations we swam at and the ones we we just mooched at. Was sometimes hard to know where to look with all the amazing sealife.

Special mention should go to the lovely Doris who helped look after us for a couple days.

I am still trying to put into practice the swimming tips Suanne gave me – thanks so much for taking the time to help me and in a way I understand – simple but clear 😊.

Such lovely memories of a wonderful holiday that was just what the doctor ordered. Thank you xx

Debbie, Sydney

Amazing water...

French Polynesia, May 2023

This was our 3rd trip with Ocean Swim Safaris. A fantastic trip with a great group of people. Suanne and Paul spend a lot of time seeking out amazing water to swim in as well as making sure that the accommodation and food are also great to match the water. Suanne & Paul are very knowledgeable about places to eat and see outside of the paid for itinerary. We loved Paul’s face to face “talking to”, backed up with What’s App group communication regarding meeting/departure times etc.

Will definitely be looking to explore other parts of the world with Ocean Swim Safaris in the future.

Narelle, Sydney


French Polynesia, May 2023

Swimming the French Polynesian waters was stunning! Clear, clear water with fish everywhere. Beautiful temperature. The marine life was amazing!

I loved that the swimming was relaxed and easy with people using fins and snorkels if they wanted and that we would gather together about every 200 metres to ‘take a short break’, regroup and go on.

It was a beautiful holiday, with great food and wine and just good easy times.

Jan, Sydney


Sulawesi, June 2023

Amazing location, spectacular swimming. Great accommodation and excellent food. This is a destination you dont want to miss.

Jodie, Northern NSW

So good...

French Polynesia, May 2023

Loved every moment! This magical experience exceeded all our expectations. The warm pristine waters in French Polynesia are like no other. The swims were exciting & a lot of fun. The airport hotel on Tahiti was pretty basic but all the other accommodations were sensational.

This trip was well balanced with active times & down time. We enjoyed gourmet food, fabo company, & the excitement of swimming over coral gardens with lots of fish, rays & sharks. So good we’re looking at another adventure with oceanswimsafaris.

Val, Newcastle

The vibe...

Sulawesi, June 2023

The trip was fantastic. I was blown away by the coral and marine life - truly spectacular - I could swim all day in the beautiful, clear, warm water. 

I loved the whitewater rafting day and waterfall experience :)

I didnt really enjoy the full day land excursion - it was too long, and some things very boring - ie the volcano, the thermal springs and the lake I would happily skip. 
I think a half day would be better, and maybe a cooking class in the afternoon. 

The food was amazing, and I loved the vibe of the resort. I wish I had taken my yoga mat ,and some exercise bands - as I did find it tough not to be able to go for an early morning walk.

Tamara, Sydney

World away...

Heron Island, June 2023

This was my 1st swim safari and I felt like like I was a world away from the grind of Sydney, and this was one the many positive elements of the trip. The Safari location allowed us to indulge in some Diving as well as Swimming. We were also able to learn a little more about the reef and whole ecosystem from the Heron Island guides, given the small gaps in the program set up by Howard and Paul. 

Heron was a great location and the trip was physically challenging for those who wanted to push themselves and relaxing for those who wished to kick back a little.

Patrick, Sydney

Manta rays!...

Heron Island, June 2023

It was a truly enjoyable experience. We were fortunate with the weather and conditions every day. Accommodation was comfortable and the food delicious. The swimming sites were beautiful and I’m still buzzing from the manta ray encounter.

Carmel, Sydney


French Polynesia, May 2023

This was a fabulous trip, so well organised and efficiently run. The accommodation and meals were both great and the organised swims fantastic! All transfers were smooth and I applaud Paul and Suanne for being able to organise this so competently! There was enough latitude to allow you to join in or have the freedom to do your own thing if so desired. Their knowledge really helped us to have a very memorable experience.

Margaret, Sydney


Heron Island, June 2023

I thought it was fantastic! No complaints whatsoever.

The staff were excellent, even on the resort and we were trusted to act like adults. Everyone got on well and I think there was a good mix of personalities, so there was always someone interesting to swim/snorkle/eat with. There were plenty of activities and options as far as I was concerned on every day.

I'd recommend it to anyone with the necessary open water skills to take full advantage of all the Ocean Swims and Heron Island has to offer.

My thanks to Paul and Howard:)

Mal, Sydney

Great group...

Heron Island, June 2023

Great group of like minded people. Wonderful holiday. Enjoyable educational and also light hearted conversations. Were able to see some fabulous wild life in close proximity while swimming.

The Research Station Tour was disappointing and no information was provided on the current Projects being investigated. The lack of bar staff was problematic for pre-dinner drinks. The food was good although the wait times were long considering we had pre-ordered the meals. Coffee and desserts were only average.

The atmosphere and staff were great. Keen to do another swimming adventure.

Julie, Wollongong

Well run...

Heron Island, June 2023

This trip is a definite tick off the bucket list. Well run, great accommodation and delicious food. So much to fit in around the swimming schedule.

The marine and bird life is incredible. The night snorkel was a wonderful experience.

I didn’t have time to fit in all the talks and tours run by the resort. Great yoga class. Lovely group of friendly like minded people. 23 on our trip, would not have wanted any more.

Paul and Howard were great leaders.

Helen, Port Elliott

Don't miss it...

French Polynesia, May 2023

Tahiti was such an amazing trip. We arrived on Ninamu Island and our holiday began the accommodations was fantastic with our outdoor shower and plenty of room in our Bure.

You couldn’t believe the water clarity – absolutely out of this world, plus the sea life was just as spectacular.

We had 3 beautiful meals a day this place was heaven on earth.

We were so sorry to leave but on to next adventure – Moorea, where we swam with sharks, turtles, stingrays and of course plenty of fish. The coral was also beautiful plus our island tour was fantastic.

This is a trip not to miss.

Gayle, Gold Coast


Heron Island, June 2023

A Swim Safari is an amazing experience for anyone who enjoys swimming in the ocean. The oceanswimsafaris team is very knowledgeable and supportive, aiming to maximise the enjoyment of the trip for everyone irrespective of swimming expertise and experience.

The collegial atmosphere of a group of like-minded people ensures a very memorable holiday.

Ingrid, Sydney


Sulawesi, June 2023

Amazing - we had the most wonderful time. The marine life is incredible and the resort just perfect.

A minor suggestion is to include a packing list with the info and also make it clearer that we needed to book our Manado flights. We were a little unsure about this at first.

Can’t wait for our next adventure!

A big thanks to the lovely Suanne, also.

Janine, Orange

Many highlights...

Philippines, May-June 2023

As always, Paul and Suanne organised a wonderful trip. There were many highlights including swimming with the Whale Sharks and two ocean swim trips to Apo Island to swim with turtles among beautiful coral reefs. The accomodation and facilities at Atmosphere Resort were wonderful with in house activities included in our package.

I really enjoyed the chance to scuba dive for the first time, yoga and the best massages ever! The food was a mixture of traditional and western culinary delights.

Thanks for a wonderful trip and I look forward to French Polynesia next year.

Martine, Sydney

Just great...

Heron Island, November 2022

Another great trip with Oceanswimsafaris!!

Great swimming, snorkelling and such fun with a group of like-minded people.

Some southerly wind interference was no problem and our schedule was adjusted to keep everyone safe and happy while still enjoying what Heron had to offer. The turtles, rays, sharks and various other sea creatures were fabulous.

The team on Heron Island also did a great job

Peter, Byron Bay

Fantastic organisation...

Heron Island, October 2022

Everything about this swim safari is amazing – the people, the location, the swimming and of course the underwater creatures. Fantastic organisation by Paul and Suanne and a great trip all around. Looking forward to the next one!

Christine, Sydney

Absolutely terrific week...

Heron Island, October 2022

...in a gorgeous location!! Loved it all.

Paul and Suanne were excellent hosts and had a great balance of being in charge, informative, safe and also relaxed. We could approach them about anything if we needed to.

I loved that we all shared meals together.

The relaxed nature of the swims made it so achievable and I was so glad they weren’t race swims. What a joy to swim that beautiful ocean with my good friends. Can’t get much better than that!! We have made life long swim friends and are connecting on social media. It was hard to come back to reality!

A huge thank you from me.

Penny, Sydney

Relaxed and laid back...

Heron Island, October 2022

Thanks so much for a great holiday Paul and Suanne. Your relaxed and laid back attitude made it a very enjoyable experience. Importantly for us, you made (my husband), who is not a strong swimmer, feel safe and that means that he might be persuaded to do another oceanswimsafari elsewhere in the world. We love active holidays and now we have another style to add to our hiking and cycling plans.

We loved meeting all the inspiring people on our trip.

I wonder whether the addition of a map of the area/reefs to the boat would be good so people know where they are starting and the sites they are passing. Only having swum in triathlons and competitive ocean swims, it was a challenge at times to just swim without having destination or path to follow. Perhaps I need to relax more and just get into a rhythm (Jerry's advice on day 1)! Darrin, on the other hand, was happy just to survive!

We enjoyed the resort and its activities, which I guess is a little rundown at the moment but with Covid that's probably to be expected. Food was good enough and plenty of it. All in all, a wonderful way to explore an amazing part of Australia.

Claire, Brisbane

Extra special

Heron Island, June 2022

I had a great time on the Heron Island trip. Swimming over the coral was amazing, and seeing all the marine life made it extra special.

Suanne, Paul, and Howard had us all organized!!

Thank you.

Catherine, Sydney

Just right

Heron Island, June 2022

Thoroughly enjoyed my trip with oceanswimsafaris. I was worried about managing motion sickness and general safety. Suanne and Paul – with help from Howard – were fantastic.

Everything was efficient and well organised. Great camaraderie within the swim group even though we were 46 mostly strangers. Heron staff were also really helpful.

Swim distance each day was just right - accommodating conditions and everyone's ability. Good to mix it up and provide some slower swims so we could stop to admire the reef and sea life as well as focusing on getting good swims.

Thanks so much for an excellent adventure.

Heidi, Sydney 

Awesome... recommend

Heron Island, June 2022

It was an awesome trip. Lots of sea life and loved going to the different reefs and also the early morning swims before breakfast.

Food was terrific. No negatives and would recommend this trip to anyone.

Suanne, Paul and newby Howard looked after us all really well. A great team.

Ginny, Sydney, NSW

Great time

Heron Island, June 2022

I had a great time. The water is beautiful, the beach is beautiful, and the swimming was well organised - including the informal morning swims - without me feeling rushed around. We were left with plenty of spare time to do other island activities or to enjoy the environment and the company. As the week went on it seemed there was less and less time to get to the boat for the 10am swim. Breakfast took more time every day as we sat over coffee and conversation.

Linda, Sydney, NSW

Experience showed through

Heron Island, June 2022

Thank you to Paul, Suanne and your "extra helper" Howard for giving us an amazing holiday. It was well organized and your experience showed through with the various sites we visited. Nothing was too much trouble for any of you.

It was also great that we had a group of travellers who never ran late, which is a huge bonus for such a large group. Love Heron Island.

I highly recommend Oceanswimsafaris to anyone who would like a swimming holiday where all the hard work has been done for you. I definitely plan on coming on another swimming safari with you.

Monique, Gold Coast, Qld


Heron Island, April-May 2022

It was a brilliant trip. Well organised and very easy to have a great time. I found it really relaxing and enjoyable.

The 7am swims are a great way to start the day and meet up with people before heading to the restaurant for breakfast. The breakfast and dinner buffets were really good... 

The boats made the swimming really easy and they were comfortable for the distances we were travelling. Access on and off was straightforward. It was lovely to swim over the reefs and see the life below rather just sand. I do feel the cold and so the safety checks on the relaxed boat made it a bit chilly for me. However on the racey boat I didn't have a problem with being cold! It may be worth telling people to pack a windbreaker/ wetsuit for the boat trips to and from the reef as this was where I noticed most people became a bit wet, cold and uncomfortable - mostly from the spray.

Not too many stingers which was nice - the boat crew responded really quickly and Suanne's Stingose did a great job.

Thank you! I'm looking forward to swimming with you again in November!

Anna, NSW North Coast

So good

Heron Island, April-May 2022

Fantastic spot. Great swimming and snorkelling. A true tropical paradise but with all the mod cons. It was actually fabulous to be without phone and internet.

Well organised, Paul and Suanne. Interesting spots to swim.

The trip was well organised boat times and early morning swims. Food was good and obviously a clean kitchen as no one got sick.

My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed it; it was so good.

Carolyn, Sydney 


Heron Island, April-May 2022

Accomodation and catering was excellent. We really enjoyed our stay on Heron and the social aspects of the holiday.

The swims were perfect and ideal for enjoying the environment.

We appreciated the way you were able to accomodate our changes to schedule.

Shelley, NSW North Coast 


Heron Island, March 2022

Thanks so much to Paul (Suanne was not with us) for a wonderful week of ocean swimming, for superb coordination, and for ensuring our experiences were the best they could be according to weather/sea conditions, while always taking good care of our safety.

First swim was a little heart-starter before breakfast, then mid-morning we’d take one of two boats on a 10-minute ride out to the reef drop-off. There we’d cruise along at a pace that suited, pausing now and then to regroup and marvel at what lay below. Back to Heron in time for lunch.

Afternoons were free to rest or explore the island – a sanctuary of pisonia trees, nesting noddy terns, burrowing shearwaters – or catch an information session or a reef walk (all free of charge), and then towards sunset witness (hopefully! we did) hatchling turtles making a dash for freedom past the terns and gulls hovering above and the blacktip sharks cruising the shallows.

The turquoise waters around Heron Island are brimful of marine life. If you head out to the wreck of the Protector (brown boobies perching on the rusted deck) in the early morning, you’ll see green turtles gliding by or resting on a bed of coral. Under the jetty dozens of stingrays lie snoozing in the sand. My early a.m. snorkelling buddy and I even saw a ray leap out of the water (eagle ray? not sure).

And what a great bunch of people! I went along not knowing anyone, but pretty soon connected with another two in the same situation, becoming great buddies, and the rest of the group were fabulous. Ocean swimmers are all like-minded people anyway! Thanks for a beautiful and memorable time on Heron.

Susan, Thirroul

We'll be back

Heron Island, March 2022

Great trip swimming & exploring at Heron Island.

Good co-ordination by Oceanswimsafari and a great group of people.

Thoroughly enjoyed our trip & experiences on many levels.

Will return to Heron and travel with Oceanswimsafaris again.


Glenn/Narelle, Sydney

Many large aquatic animals

Heron Island, March 2022

Thank you so much for organising and running such an enjoyable week of swimming at Heron Island last week. This was my first ever swimming holiday and I was a bit nervous about it, wondering whether I would be fit enough. The week went very well, with plenty of swimming hours, plus plenty time for R+R and to explore the island. I felt safe and looked after at all time.

Heron Island itself was clearly understaffed, and I agreed with other swimmers that the delays for meals was a bit much. However I enjoyed the meals I had. I would have loved some more veggie options which is feedback I will give to Heron Island. The wildlife of Heron Island is spectacular, both above and below the water. I was just thrilled to see so many large aquatic animals.

Paul did well to manage a large group of swimmers with efficiency and good humour, and he made sure that swimmers of all levels/speeds/relaxation modes were well looked after.

Seana, Orange

No better joint

Heron Island, March 2022

Swims were well structured for swimmers of different abilities with separation into two groups. The boat crews were very accommodating and gave good advice about places to swim on the day – we loved the boat crew.
We appreciate that Paul made an effort to get around and meet and talk to everyone on the tour. The swimming was very enjoyable and can’t think of a better place on the reef to host this kind of swimming, even if the food at Heron Island was a little monotonous - the laid back setting was appropriate to the activities.

Jane, Lilyfield

Amaze & delight

Heron Island, March 2022

We really enjoyed our week on Heron Island with oceanswimsafaris. For us folk in the ‘relaxed group’, the inclusivity was very much appreciated.
We loved ALL the swims. It was a thrill to be swimming over the drop off along the reef. Every time Paul stopped during the swims, he had something interesting and relevant to say.
Safety was paramount. The snorkel over the magical underwater garden on the final long swim day was an absolute highlight! The group dynamics made for great fun. And, of course, the location was sublime. There is so much sea life to amaze and delight.

Val, Belmont


Heron Island, March 2022

I really enjoyed the trip. The company was fun. The nature was exceptional.

Howard, Birchgrove


Heron Island, March 2022

A winning formula for a great holiday. I loved my first oceanswimsafari on Heron island. Have come home feeling fitter and energised. Would highly recommend.

Georgie, UK


An absolutely memorable experience. Thank you to Paul and Suanne for organising. To swim every morning in such a beautiful location with like-minded swimmers was incredible . Everyone was so supportive of each other regardless of ability which enabled those swimmers who felt less experienced to reach outside their comfort zone. The sites we were taken to were truly breathtaking and will be firmly imprinted in our memory.

Thank you, Paul, thank you everyone

Alison and Don, Ballina

Resort tired

Heron Island, March 2022

What worked well

  • Incredible location and nature (both on land and in the sea)
  • Even though March is windy, it was great to be there in turtle hatching season
  • Paul did a great job of responding to different swimmers needs

Sally, Randwick

Sea life

Heron Island, March 2022

A very memorable holiday with a terrific group of people. Unfortunately, I do suffer quite a bit from seasickness which took the edge off my enjoyment. But the tour lived up to expectation and I was glad I went. It was very flexible to cater for differing levels of fitness/ability in the water.

To swim with a shark, rays, turtles is something I'll never forget.

Elizabeth, Sydney


Heron Island, June, 2021

As always a superb, well run adventure… Paul and Suanne did everything right. Brilliant hosts, they took care of everyone while also giving everyone their own space. The boat trips were excellent and allowed the group to swim off the island, along bomboras and reef drop-offs which meant coral and manta rays and potentially other Big Things. The level of swimming was perfect for me - I could push myself a little while also having opportunities for photography and taking in the stunning underwater world that is the unique Great Barrier Reef. As far as I could see the non-swimmers never felt excluded and also enjoyed themselves.

I'm very much looking forward to my next Ocean Swim Safaris trip.

… Heron is not a luxury resort and in terms of comfort I definitely feel I got value…

The dive shop employees were excellent. Special kudos to Diego who is a brilliant dive leader.

Reef guides Rachael and Katie were extremely knowledgeable and passionate and always ready to share their deep knowledge

Anne, Dee Why

Well organised

Heron Island, June 2021

Fantastic, wonderful adventure. Well organised. Everyone was made to feel welcome. Paul and Suanne went out of their way to ensure everybody felt welcomed and included. I would highly recommend this to anyone

Lorraine, Sydney

Really good

Heron Island, June 2021

It was a really good trip. Thanks very much for your care and guidance.

Excellent that it was not too organised, plenty of time for people to do their own thing.

… I think attention to the ethical sourcing of produce would have been good, eg why farmed salmon when we know it's wrecking Tasmanian waterways and creating sound pollution throwing whales off course?

Boat, rangers and resort staff generally great. Thanks again.

Caroline, Sydney

Good job

Heron Island, June 2021

OSS did a very good job organising and managing the whole event…

The Resort was generally well run but they certainly dropped the ball at the end, which could have been disastrous for some guests and left a very bad impression - not something the resort can afford.

On Friday morning I told the island reception desk that we needed taxis for 14 to the airport… The island receptionist said they would convey that requirement to their staff at the Gladstone marina.

Somewhere the ball was dropped… I am somewhat amazed that the resort had no one at the Gladstone Marina when the ferry arrived. It’s a once a day event that could be handled by having one person there for an hour (no big deal)…Their role would be to help guests make connections and also to simply point out where taxis arrive as there are multiple car parks. That is one point I’d certainly make to the resort.

Mike, Sydney

Truly memorable

Heron Island, June 2021

Overall, this was a very well organised tour. The timing was perfect with regards to both tides and seasons (arrival of Manta rays and whales, while the last turtle hatchlings were still around). The activities were well balanced, not too much and not too little; and with plenty of opportunities/activities also for non-swimmers. Arranging the daily boat trips to different parts of the reef nicely complemented the swimming in the lagoon and harbor.

The ability of Paul and Suanne to engage and the overall very positive attitude of everyone involved made me feel most welcome in the group. A truly memorable and most enjoyable holiday - can't wait to join the oceanswimmers again!

Roland, Glebe

Organisation excellent

Heron Island, June 2021

Another excellent outing with team Sparkle. Despite a wisp of Winter, Heron was a very pleasant break from the chill of Sydney. Water, company and organisation excellent. Accommodation good and food uneven.

Great swimming and ocean life, with as much or as little to do on land as you like.

A highly recommended program and looking forward to the next Pacific offering.

Patrick, Bondi Junction

Ticked the boxes

Heron Island, June 2021

It was a great time on Heron Island, thanks for organising it.

I thought it worked well having a swim in the morning before breakfast (allowing us to have breakfast after 8:30 would be beneficial, not sure why that is the cut off time when people are on holidays). The boat trip each day was also good, and just the right amount of swimming to keep everyone satisfied.

From a resort viewpoint: the food is an issue; perhaps more healthy options and not so much fried food. Lunch a bit more variety, and more simple and lighter meals, eg sandwiches, quiche/frittata using breakfast leftovers, salads etc

The accommodation was fine. Maybe using bulk washing products instead of individual tubes of body wash/shampoo etc. It creates so much pollution

Overall, a great time away and ticked nearly all the boxes. Thanks again

David, Erko

Looking forward to more

Heron Island, June 2021

This was my 1st ocean swim and after the 1st day I felt more comfortable. I look forward to doing more ocean swims with you again. I very much enjoyed the experience, it was great & lots of fun. Thank you, Paul & Suanne

Barbara, Sydney


Costa Brava, September 2019

Thanks for an amazing trip. I have never done a guided tour before because I always thought it would be a bit stifling to be with a group of people that I didn't know and having to work to a schedule. But the group was lovely and for me it hit the right note between having enough time to do my own thing, and then also experience some amazing swims.

I'll never forget the swim to the border on the first day - it really pushed me, but I got there!

Some quite challenging swims from my point of view - being someone who can go for a long distance in the pool, it's so very different to swim in open water. I had a great time and totally fell in love with that part of the world. What you offer is the ability to get underneath the skin of a place very quickly.

Thanks - and see you on the next one.

Kate, Kingsford


Costa Brava, September 2019

I had a wonderful time. The group was cohesive and fun… I was surprised that (Suanne and Paul) spent so much time with the group in the evenings, and that was really great…

The swims were pretty tough. When I couldn't get my goggles working, it would've been helpful if I could have hopped onto some sort of small water craft (not necessarily a boat) to sort my goggles out. Swimming with my eyes closed wasn't ideal…

All in all - the whole trip was a hoot. Loved every minute.

And thanks both so much. You're really great!

Kate, Sydney

Lifetime friends

Tonga, Swim with the Whales, August 2019

It was an amazing trip! Paul and Suanne have orchestrated a breath taking adventure vacation! To actually swim with whales is an overwhelming thought. It was so beautiful and peaceful to watch these magnificent creatures in their native environment.

I also enjoyed our swims on the non-whale days. The 3k swim was at an extremely casual pace because we were so busy observing the coral with all the colorful fish!! I felt as if I was in the world's largest saltwater tank - so many varieties of sea life in every direction!

I also found our group to be very enjoyable. It was fun to work on group dinners. In the end, I not only had a trip of a lifetime, but I also made so many new lifetime friends. Thank you!

Janet (Minnesota, USA)


Philippines, June 2019

Our trip to Atmosphere Resort in the Philippines was easily one of our best holidays. Suanne and Paul had all the details sorted, while still being flexible about times and activities. The ocean swims were such a pleasure, and well managed. It was clear that a thorough recce had been done on this location.

The resort was an excellent choice: luxurious comfort without being ostentatious, and the staff were accommodating, friendly and helpful. Swimming with the whale sharks was breathtaking, although not the highlight of the trip for us - that is reserved for the ocean swims with a fabulous group of people over pristine coral, turtles, clownfish galore, and at times in exciting semi-rough seas.

Thank you for a heavenly week. We would do it all again!

Clarissa (Brisbane)

Like friends

Philippines, June 2019

Yet another fabulous holiday with oceanswimsafaris! The swimming was sensational - healthy, colourful coral, abundant sea life and warm, clear water. Frolicking with the whale sharks in Oslob was absolutely a highlight.

Our stay at Atmosphere Resort in Dumaguete was faultless - the food, rooms and staff were exceptional.

Thank you, Paul and Suanne, for such an enjoyable holiday. What sets you apart is that we leave each OSS feeling as though we have had a holiday with friends. Can’t wait for the next one!

Kerry-Lee (Brisbane)


Philippines, June 2019

For those punters who have never been on a swim safari with Suanne and Paul, then the Philippines is a must. Not only is the resort beautiful, you can see some of the best coral straight from the resort beach in warm shallow water. The food and wine is delicious, the staff so friendly and helpful that you can't stop smiling. The whole ambience is relaxed and calming not to mention the spa treatments which are sublime. Not only will you swim with whale sharks on this safari but in some of the clearest water on the planet. Every day is a new adventure and every evening a time to swap stories and pictures with new friends.

The whole experience was just fantastic and I can't wait till the next one.

Kate (Sydney)


Philippines, June, 2019

This was an amazing trip.

Atmosphere Resort was a perfect and relaxing place to stay - accommodation, meals, staff, amenities & day spa were all first class.

Daily swims, snorkelling and scuba diving were excellent.

I especially liked that any free time could be enjoyed choosing an activity at the resort, or swimming & snorkelling at the Resort's marine reserve, directly out the front.

Swimming with whale sharks was a fantastic experience I will never forget.

Caz (Sydney)

More beautiful than beautiful

French Polynesia, April 2019

For me it was just the best. There was 99 reasons for NOT going. But 1 very important reason to go. Tahiti has been on my wish-list for 25 years.

Moorea oceanswimsafaris was the 1st time I've been with Suanne & Paul. Both are very professional & complement each other. I can & will highly recommend them to all.

Travel arrangements, accommodation, eating out & shopping was all organised for each & everyone. The 3 swim days were just the best. Great way to start the day, being pick up on our beach by boat, taken out to the reef, lagoon & ocean to experience all that Tahiti has to offer in her beautiful warm clear blue water.

Our day tour of Moorea island in the open back trucks added to our knowledge of Tahiti culture, and Moorea island had so much to show us. I could not have been in better company.

Thank you both for letting me do my own thing, don't think I interfered with anyone's activities & enjoyment.

Tahiti was more beautiful then beautiful.

Joy (Forster)

The best

French Polynesia, April 2019

I throughly enjoyed my time in Tahiti with Ocean Swim Safaris and would definitely recommend it to other swimmers. This was my fourth Safari and by far the best in regards to location, activities and experiences. I am not a strong ocean swimmer but my hosts and fellow guests supported and encouraged me when needed.

Tahiti (Morea) is an extremely beautiful location and I highly recommend a visit once in your life time.

Eric (Brisbane)

Hot stuff, baby

French Polynesia, April 2019

Dear Suanne and Paul, thank you for your patience, your daily enthusiasm and 'triffic organisation. It t'was indeed a great swim trip, delightful islands, wonderful sea and landscapes. You are to be congratulated,.

Just one thing, can you make the sun less hot :) in the middle of the day?

Thank you.

David (Sydney), 


French Polynesia, April 2019

You two keep lifting your game. Gorgeous location, excellent guides, brilliant swims - you look after everything so we punters need only show up. Perfect for an underwater voyeur like me.

If I was to critique anything I might suggest slightly more challenging swims to counter the effects of the fine French cuisine, but I guess I don't really have to partake of it.

Thank you.

Anne (Sydney)


Yasawas, Fiji, October 2018

I thought the yasawas trip was fantastic. It was very well organized and both Suanne and Paul were friendly, organized and informative. The swimming was definitely the highlight of the trip and I am so happy we chose your tour company. I would recommend this trip to anyone. Thanks again Suanne and Paul!

Michelle (Sydney)


Costa Brava, Spain, September 2018

We went on the Costa Brava trip 2018. This was an absolutely wonderful trip on every level. The swimming was extraordinary, wonderful conditions, exciting & interesting swims & exploration !! From swimming in caves, swimming in a peloton, to coastal exploration in boats. The accommodation was very good & the company & fellow swimmers extraordinary! The organisation & engagement for Suanne & Paul was first class. Finally the food & wine we experienced on the trip was magnificent, with the final night in Madremanya unbelievable & a standout. A memorable trip, with memories my wife & I will treasure for a long time.

Glenn (Sydney)

Eskerrik asko!

San Sebastián, August 2018

This trip was so meaningful to me and so much fun! Paul and Suanne did such an excellent job accommodating a large group. This was my fourth trip to San Sebastián, but my first with OceanSwimSafaris. This experience in the Basque Country was by far the most informative and satisfying, culturally, culinarily, and in terms of the Ocean Swims, the most challenging and captivating. Paul and Suanne had something wonderful planned everyday, but left enough free time for us to explore the city, beaches and surrounding areas on our own. San Sebastián has something for everyone. So if you love excellent swimming, food, drink, and people, then this is the trip for you!

Paul and Suanne, Thank you very much! Muchisimas gracias! Eskerrik asko!

Brian (Austin, Texas)

Fun trip

Tonga, July 2018

Well organised and fun trip, I have recommended this trip to many people. Such a lovely experience with the whales, swimming around some beautiful coastlines and islands of Vava'u. The guesthouse is a welcoming resting place after a busy day of adventuring.

Christina (NSW)

Well run

Tonga, July 2018

Loved it!!! What a fantastic experience - the whale swims, the ocean swims and the land time! Suanne & Paul are great hosts and the whole tour was well run. Accommodation in Vava'u and the swim boats/crews were all great! For a novice ocean swimmer, I was a bit unsure how I'd go with the ocean swims but I felt at ease the whole time and knew I could take my time if I needed to. Only constructive feedback would be to get people to pack their essentials in their carry-on luggage on flights both in and out of Vava'u … just in case!! Looking forward to swimming again with you - just need to pick a destination!! Malo!

Louise (Qld)

Close to tears

Tonga, July 2018

Thank you for a wonderful experience Suanne. It was good for the soul. I spoke to 2 women this morning and tried to explain the feeling while swimming with the whales. I played the whale singing. They were close to tears. I was happy with all that you organised and would highly recommend your company. Hopefully I will be back to swim again.

Paul (NSW)

Words fail me

Coromandel NZ, April 2018

This was my second adventure with Oceanswimsafaris (the first being Fiji a few years ago which was sensational but that’s feedback for another time).

This trip with Paul and Suanne to the Coromandel was an absolute delight. Having never been to NZ before, the whole experience was wonderful. Paul and Suanne were at the airport to greet each one of us as we arrived into the terminal. Mostly all strangers to each other, we were promptly whisked away on our own private bus to what I can only describe as a small, secluded and picturesque pocket of sheer paradise. What followed was 4 superb days of swimming (in a very pleasant 21-22 degree ocean), delightful accommodation, sensational food, wine and beer, a very scenic and informative glass bottom boat trip, a great afternoon of kayaking, a hot water beach experience and some great walks around the cove. Sadly our time together concluded, but the friendships made and the memories shared will last a lifetime.

With my hand on heart, I highly recommend everybody at least once (if not more) to join Paul and Suanne at Oceanswimsafaris for brilliant experience.

Gina (NSW)

Longer next time

Coromandel NZ, April 2018

Thoroughly enjoyed the trip. Having a chance to swim some of the coast before the big swim on Saturday was really helpful. Found this an excellent comp to enter for a first time ocean swimming comp participant - learnt a lot from everyone on the trip and how not to loose your goggles in big surf! Accommodation was excellent and food at the limited venues was fantastic too. Ambiance for the whole weekend was terrific and the activities that were scheduled were just right for the weekend. We were a very lucky group that weekend for the weather, good company, and wonderful swims. Organisation felt seamless - many thanks. Hopefully a longer trip to an interesting destination next time with OSS.

Freida (Qld)


Coromandel NZ, April 2018

Fabulous as usual. Interesting swims and other water based activities. All the logistics really well arranged. Accommodation was lovely, and a very pleasant group. Just what I needed after a very full on month at work.

Anne (NSW)


Costa Brava, Sept 2017

I just loved this trip and the swim, the ocean and the land forms are spectacular. I also liked the swim time of the morning swim and then the afternoon to ourselves to relax or sight-see. I felt it was a great balance of mixing with the other tour people for HH as well.

Great trip. Thanks.

Annie (NSW)

Super treat

Mana Fiji, Oct 2017

Pete & I would like to give a big shout of thanks to Paul & Suanne for organiising an amazing & safe set of swimming experiences for us. We had a brilliant time with a friendly bunch of people, in a stunning location. Swimming & snorkelling in the warmest water ever, among an abundance of brightly coloured fish was a super treat! Highly recommend.

Val (NSW)


Mana Fiji, Oct 2017

My son and I (swimmer and non-swimmer) just returned from Mana. What an amazing experience. A thoroughly enjoyable and uplifting holiday. Beautiful location and fantastic people, all sharing a passion for open water swimming. A great mix of ages and experience, all with their own story to tell. I would recommend the trip for families, couples or solos who love an active holiday linked to their passion for swimming. Thank you Paul and Suanne.

Naomi (NSW)

Thumbs up for Mana

Mana Fiji, Oct 2017

My husband and I took part in the Mana Island swim on Saturday. We live in Fiji and we've considered doing it for the past 3 years and finally gave it a go! Thumbs up for such a great event. Thank you so much to the organisers for the great job they did, the fantastic support out on the water, hospitality etc. it really was a great day and we will be back next year.

Sheryl (Fiji)

Great trips

San Sebastián and Costa Brava, Aug-Sep 2017

"First of two trips with Team Sparkle, but not the last. Swimming adventures were interesting and varied. As an average ocean swimmer, prone to cramping, I appreciated the emphasis on safety, green caps front and back.

I enjoyed the balance with the land content especially the destinations, the history, culture and cuisine.

Paul and Suanne have an obvious passion for and knowledge of all things swimming and travel. They make good connections with the key providers, the hoteliers, barmen, boatmen and drivers and this ensures smooth and comfortable travels.

Great trips and strongly recommended."

Patrick (NSW)

Even better than we'd hoped

Costa Brava, Sep 2017

Paul and Suanne organised our trip so well. Their knowledge of the local area and swim locations meant that we could safely explore places that we wouldn't have ventured to on our own, and everything flowed very smoothly.

We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and the company of the rest of the group. We found there was a perfect mix of time with others and on our own. Our accommodation was excellent.

Overall the trip was even better than we hoped for. We would love to do another OceanSwimSafari with them in the future.

Kim and Colin (NSW)


Costa Brava, Sep 2017

"I can't fault this tour, it was everything I hoped it would be. Beautiful swims, excellent variety, fabulous accommodation, hidden gems, food and culture. I will remember the last night for a long time.

Thanks. You haven't seen the last of me."

Anne (NSW)

Great way to swim

Costa Brava, Sep 2017

"I loved that this tour's swim components were well informed/prepared/flexible to conditions, incredibly safe - with support boat, lead & follow up and regular regroupings - and took in great locations around a variety of headlands and bays in the area.

I found the accomodation of the range of swimmers' levels fantastic. Additionally, the non-swim components were a great mix of cultural, gastronomy and environmental activities, with a healthy dose of free/down time. I especially like the 'tren touristic' to Cap de Creus, Dali's museum, tips for restaurants and the short coastal walk to/from swim to secret spot.

Paul and Suanne are knowledgable, respectful, gracious and fun hosts who made this tour a great way to swim Costa Brava.

Thanks guys!"

Sally (Qld)

Thoroughly recommend

San Sebastián, Aug 2017 (and Costa Brava, Sep 2016)

"I thoroughly recommend this trip with Paul and Suanne. In fact, the best way to do this trip is to also do the Costa Brava swims which follow a couple of days after San Sebastián, I still remember the relaxing evenings at the 3 Pines hotels on the hill at Llanfranc.

Thanks, Paul and Suanne."

Bill (NSW)

Still buzzing after all these days

Tonga oss, July '17

Still buzzing from our Whale encounter this week in Tonga!

Hey all you swimmers, ocean lovers, adventurous humans! If you want an adventure that will leave you buzzing, and tingling all over: join an Ocean Swim Safari!

Best trip ever...

Great accomodation (tick)
Fabulous company (tick)
Swimming in warm, delicious salty water (tick)
Friendly, caring and helpful safari leaders - Paul and Suanne (tick)
Encounters with whales (tick)
Experiences of a lifetime (tick)
Under and above water photos on offer (tick)
AND a free t-shirt to boot- Bonus!

Join an Ocean Swim Safari....but book soon, cause spaces fill up!

Thanks Paul and Suanne!
#ossTonga #SwimWithWhales

Genie (NSW)

Suffering withdrawal

Tonga oss, July '17

"Suffering Tonga withdrawal symptoms. #needtogobacktotonga #missmytongabuddies #ohfortongatime #lifeisbetterontonga"

Greg, (Qld)

Hard to better

Tonga oss, July '17

"Can we ever top this experience?"

Jan (NSW)


Tonga oss, July '17

"I recommend it 1000%!"

Robby (NSW)


"Thank you both for a terrific trip. Only with time and trying to explain in words what we experienced am I truly appreciating what a unique experience I had..."

Judy (NSW), Tonga oss, July '17

Truly lovely

Sulawesi oss, June '17

"Thank you so much for a truly lovely swim safari. I enjoyed (the resort) tremendously – what a beautiful place and the other guests were great fun... The swimming was great – beautifully warm and stunning scenery – I especially love swimming along the drop off, and the white water rafting was a real highlight for me."

Kate (NSW)

Great adventure

Sulawesi oss, June '17

"Just a quick note to let you know how much (we) enjoyed our Sulawesi trip. It was a great adventure and the group worked well, something which you contributed to in no small measure."

Mary (NSW) 

Top notch

Heron Island, Nov '16

"I just wanted to thank everyone involved in last weekend's Heron Island event! I had a ball and managed to learn a lot about my swimming in the process! The organisation was top notch at every level, the service fabulous, the venue- amazing, staff- super!

I am already planning my next swim with you guys and cannot wait."




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